Terms and conditions

Ville Eerikäinen Ltd. (Oy) 2954986-5 (Opi Englantia online shop) sells products to private persons in Finland and abroad. We reserve all rights to change the terms and conditions, and the prices. All prices include the VAT.

Contact us

E-mail: ville(ät)nettiville.fi
Telephone: +358 407200351
Address: Kirvesmiehenkatu 19 a 2, 05800  Hyvinkää, Finland


Orders are collected from the online shop by adding the products to the shopping cart. The order is confirmed by using the check-out functionality of the online shop to pay for the order. By confirming an order, you accept these terms and conditions, product pricing and shipping costs. An e-mail confirmation will be delivered in case an e-mail address is provided by the time of confirming the order. The e-mail confirmation lists the products ordered and the price breakdown.

Additionally products can be ordered via the internet by using the contact form https://www.opienglantia.com/contact/ or from another page/website using a text message, e-mail, phone call or other similar method.

All orders made from outside of Opi Englantia online shop are confirmed by email, which states the price of the order, shipping costs and ordered products/services. In order to receive an order confirmation, you must provide an e-mail address. The customer commits to the delivery conditions in place when the customers places an order.

All products, services and shipping cost which are made from outside of Opi Englantia online shop are billed from the customer either in connection with the order or after a free trial lesson.

Payments on online shop

Visma Pay (Visma Payments Oy, business-id FI24865594) is the payment facilitator of the online shop. Visma Payments Oy is a payment facilitator authorized by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Finland. The payment process is conducted in the online service of Visma Pay. Visma Pay or Visma Payments Oy is shown as the receiver of your payment in the bank account listing and in your invoice. Paying with Visma Pay is safe. All information is exchanged through secured connections.

The trade happens between the online customer and the online shop. The online shop is responsible for all obligations related to the trade.

Read more about Visma Pay: https://www.visma.fi/vismapay/

Payment methods with Visma Pay

With Visma Pay you can pay your order by an internet banking account, a wallet, a payment card (credit/debit), an invoice or a partial payment. The following methods of payment are supported: Osuuspankki, Nordea, Danske Bank, Oma Säästöpankki, Säästöpankki, Aktia, Paikallisosuuspankit, S-Pankki, Handelsbanken, Ålandsbanken, Jousto, Fellow Lasku, Fellow Yrityslasku, MobilePay, Masterpass, Pivo, Visa-, Visa Debit-, Visa Electron-, MasterCard- and Debit MasterCard payment cards.

MobilePay: You can pay with your MobilePay wallet if you have allowed online payments in the settings of the MobilePay application. Payment via MobilePay takes place directly from the payment card linked to MobilePay. If charging the payment from the linked card fails, MobilePay can not be used in the online shop.

Pivo: Terms and conditions of Pivo can be found here: https://pivo.fi/kayttoehdot/pivon-kayttoehdot/

Jousto invoice and part-payment is a Finnish service for making purchases quickly and safely. Jousto is for private persons having their economy in balance. With Jousto you will get 30 days time to pay without interest or expenses. After you have received an invoice, you can decide to pay it at once or in parts. You can pay our purchase in up to 36 parts, starting from 9,90 eur/month. Expenses for Jousto part-payment are 3,90 eur/month and 19,90% interest. With Jousto you can pay purchases from 30 to 3000 eur. Aurajoki Nordic Oy issues the credit. Read more from www.jousto.com.

OP Lasku: A flexible invoice payment method. OP Lasku serves all Finnish banks’ customers. Suitable for online purchases of up to 5000 € with an interest-free payment term of 45 days. The instalment option adds flexibility to purchases. Your purchases are visible in one place so you can easily keep track of them. Invoices are sent to you by email. To use OP Lasku, you must be solvent and over 20 years old. More information available at: https://www.op.fi/henkiloasiakkaat/paivittaiset/maksaminen/op-lasku

Contact Visma Pay

Visma Payments Oy (business-id FI24865594)
E-mail: helpdesk@vismapay.com
Telephone: +358 9 315 42 037 (workdays 8-16)
Address: Brahenkatu 4, 53100 Lappeenranta, Finland

Right of use

The right of use gives you a limited right to use the Services in accordance with these terms of use and the conditions agreed or announced at the time of acquiring the Services. The Right of Use you receive is always limited, the ownership, copyright and industrial rights of the Services and contents are not transferred to you.

Your right of use expires after the time agreed upon or announced at the time of purchase.

The right of use is personal and gives you the right to use the related Service only for your own private study use in accordance with this agreement.

You may not share your Right to Use the Services with anyone, and you may not transfer it to anyone, unless we specifically give you permission to do so. You may not display or distribute the content of Services that require Access Rights in any way (for example, in the classroom or on the internet), unless we specifically give permission to do so. Sharing or disseminating your User Account or User Right is a breach of contract and may lead to termination of Services and claims for compensation.

Some of the contents of our Services may be freely available without login, registration or payment. You can use such freely available content for your private use and for public work and teaching use, as long as you follow good referencing practice. In addition to the name of the author of each material, mention the website where the material is available as the source of the content. Include the web address (URL) of the source in all the pieces you make.

Content requiring access rights may, at our unilateral decision and without notice, become freely available and vice versa. This may also apply to the content you send to our Services, such as comments. Private video conferences will always remain confidential, unless we directly agree otherwise.

Delivery of services

The customer must pay for the Products or Services in full before the Products or Services are delivered.

If for some reason we cannot deliver our Services as agreed, we will try to arrange a replacement Service, a replacement time for the Service or a replacement qualified Service provider. If this is not possible, and we are unable to fulfill the terms of our contract, we will compensate you for the price you paid for our Services in proportion to what you have lost due to the non-fulfillment of the Services you paid for.

Our services are intended to work on the Internet browsers of modern computers and smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system. The use of the services should, in principle, be successful with all the most common browsers that comply with the latest standards and sufficiently new devices. However, different systems may offer a different user experience and some features may not work in all environments.

Some contents of our Services are streamed to your device. For example, you cannot download our videos to your own device. Our services therefore require a constant high-speed internet connection to function smoothly. You may have to use a specific internet browser to ensure the Services function in the best possible way.

In some cases, the contents may be downloads and require separate third-party programs in addition to the browser to run. However, these programs are usually publicly available and free of charge (e.g. a PDF file reader). Other special system requirements are announced separately on our purchase pages.

Since the operation of the Services depends on numerous things related to your device and network connection, we cannot guarantee that your particular systems are fully compatible with the Services. We are also not responsible for instructing or providing technical support for the use of your devices or network connections or other systems. We cannot guarantee that the Services will always work flawlessly on all devices.

 We are committed to the widest possible availability of the Services (to the point that the Service is technically available to you) and we work to ensure the functionality of our systems. In principle, you can connect to our Services, which are constantly available on the Internet, at any time while the Right of Use is valid. However, we cannot guarantee that the Services will be available completely without interruptions, and we are not responsible for any data loss or interruptions. The availability and functionality of Internet services at a certain time varies, for example, regionally and due to network connections, terminals, servers and other technical reasons.

We have the right to temporarily suspend the delivery of the Services if it is necessary due to update, maintenance or installation procedures, excessive load on the system or any other necessary reason.

Some of our Services can be implemented in third-party environments and applications, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, webinars or video conferences. Users are responsible for installing and using such applications themselves. We cannot be responsible for any malfunctions of third-party environments and applications, and we do not provide technical support for using them.

Cancellation policy

Participation can be cancelled free of charge if there are at least 7 days before the start of a scheduled course. Cancellation must be made by e-mail to the email address presented at this document in which case the cancellation will be acknowledged and any course fee paid will be returned. Late cancellation is considered a course that has not been cancelled, but someone can participate in the course instead of the registrant another person, or it can be exchanged for another course of the same price or attended later.

For a course that has not been cancelled, we will invoice the course fee in full.

Individually booked 1 on 1 tutoring lessons can be cancelled or re-scheduled free of charge 24 hours before the lesson start time. Cancellation or re-scheduling is not possible after this time frame and lesson is considered as delivered even there is no one participating on lessons. Individually conducted lessons are not transferrable to another person in case the participant is absent. 


Finnish laws are applied to this agreement.

This agreement has been made so that disagreements do not arise. However, if disagreements arise, all disputes or claims and the validity of the Agreement will primarily be resolved through negotiation. Either party can initiate a negotiation by notifying the other party via e-mail.

If the negotiations do not reach a solution, the disagreements will be resolved in the first instance in the district court of the defendant’s place of residence.


We reserve the right to change our terms of delivery. The customer must get to know each other before ordering to the terms of delivery valid at any given time.

Ville Eerikäinen Oy handles all customer data in complete confidence. Register statement can be found on our website: https://www.opienglantia.com/gdpr/