What is Learn English?

Learn English is an exclusive tutoring service offering 25-minute one-to-one online English lessons. Whether you’re learning English for your career, self-development or to travel, we are sure to provide a great method to expand your language skills.

Sessions are conversational and designed to get you speaking confidently to develop your English language proficiency.


“Our platform helps you stay on track, monitor your progress and reach your goals.”

Learn English

Personalized, Flexible Learning

Choose a topic you want from our materials.  After every  lesson, your tutor will leave a comprehensive assessment on your performance.

Decide on a time that would be suitable for you and plan your lessons with our competent tutors.

Meet Bellbird

Bellbird is an easy, reliable and free video calling service. While many other video chat tools require users to download software or create multiple accounts, with Bellbird you just need to click the link or send a link and you’re good to go!

You can take notes, share your screen, and upload PDFs and images in the meeting room.

Bellbird is browser-based and works on Mac, PC, and mobile — both iOS and Android.



Click the given link.

Grant access to Microphone and Video use.

Then you are good to go!


Other Available Learning Platforms



Google Meet



Most frequent questions and answers

Our materials and learning platform are integrated with Bellbird. More details will be given once you book a trial class.

No, live online class rates can be found on the Lessons Page. 

Go to Contact Page and fill up the form. Please put your preferred day and time for our reference. You can also send us a message on WhatsApp.

To measure your progress, we recommend you to enroll to our live online classes and have a lesson with one of our professional English tutors.

You can choose what you want to study from our resources. If you need help, our professional teachers can guide you.  Our teachers are experienced in working with students from many different countries.

To access our class and materials you will need:

  • a computer, phone or tablet
  • an Internet connection
  • a modern browser that is up-to-date e.g. Google Chrome or Safari

If you are having problems, please:

  1. Check internet connectivity.
  2. Try a different browser.
  3. Update your browser to the latest version.
  4. Log in using another device.

Yes, you can choose more than one topic of interest during your class. 

Yes you can. You can book maximum two(2) consecutive sessions at one time, making it a 50-minute class.